Help Thanking

We will share cat stories with you every week that you can use to raise awareness for our work, to ask for support on your campaign, or to thank donors. Here are some example Thank You letters:



Thank you for supporting me by making a donation to Cat Town!!!

Your AMAZING DONATION means that despite the tremendous cost of saving these lives Cat Town can continue helping overlooked cats find homes, and do even more this summer to help kittens in need. I'm so grateful. Thank you for ALWAYS supporting my passion, and for saving lives.

With gratitude,





Thank you for supporting me by making a donation to Cat Town!!! Your gift means that Cat Town can help more cats in need this summer. I'm so grateful.

As thanks, I'm trying to share little happy stories from the work Cat Town accomplishes. Here's one for you, about one of my favorite Cat Town cats!

About a year ago I met a very sweet cat named Bruno. He had shiny black fur, one crinkled ear, and would meow out of nowhere with a tone that suggested he'd forgotten his surroundings. He seemed so grateful to just exist. Bruno had spent his whole life in a cage with a rescue that, for whatever reason, couldn't find him a home. He came to them one year old, and came to Cat Town at age eight — after seven years in a cage. Finally being able to walk around seemed to be a gift to him, even if he couldn't quite get the hang of his new freedom. Petting him when he meowed would calm him down. It was like he just needed to be touched.

Bruno was adopted from Cat Town after just two weeks in our care. We were all thrilled for him — the woman who brought him home was so kind, and we knew he was going to be spoiled.

Cat Town made sure that Bruno got to taste freedom, and feel loved — and he never let anyone doubt how much he appreciated the gift of a real home.

Thank you, FIRST NAME, for making this kind of magic possible. I'm so happy to have you as a friend.

With gratitude,





Thank you for donating to Cat Town, and supporting my fundraiser!

You just made sure Cat Town can save hundreds more cats—and gave staff and volunteers lots of peace of mind. Your donation means Cat Town won’t have to leave a scared animal in a traumatic environment for lack of funds.

Because of you, we know Cat Town can pay the rent to shelter shelters cats in need, purchase food to fill their bellies, and afford the medical care, litter, and enrichment they need to be at their best physically and emotionally. All of this helps our cats put their best paw forward to get adopted.

Thank you for helping these shy, scared, senior cats and kittens to find courage, learn to trust, beat the odds to stay healthy, warm and loved, and find forever families. Thank you for reducing the burden at Oakland Animal Services, ensuring the most cats possible survive and thrive during kitten season—and all year long.

You’ve made more of a difference than I can express. I am so grateful to have your support. Thank you for supporting Cat Town.


With SO MUCH gratitude,



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