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Cat Town was founded in 2011 by Ann Dunn while she was a volunteer at Oakland Animal Services (OAS), Oakland’s municipal shelter. Ann saw the challenges faced by the severely under-resourced shelter to adequately care for the number of animals it receives each year, and the specific difficulties cats face in a shelter environment. She was quickly joined by other shelter volunteers to create an alternative to the shelter for the cats who are at greatest risk for euthanasia.

Why We’re Unique

Focusing primarily on helping vulnerable shelter cats sets us apart from other rescues, whose main focus tend to be on high volume adoptions.

Cat Town is also unique in that several members of our core team are still volunteers at OAS and work closely with the cats there. This helps us identify the cats who most need our help. And, while we are fully independent of OAS, we work in close collaboration with shelter staff and consider supporting that shelter to be integral to our mission.

Our Mission

Cat Town's mission is to transform the approach to saving shelter cats, reducing euthanasia nationwide. Our focus is to find great homes for cats who are considered unadoptable in the traditional rescue model.

General Facts

Statistics can add a sense of magnitude to your stories, but don’t rely on statistics alone. Stories — especially personal stories — should be your main message.

  • Cat Town focuses on helping sick, senior, stressed, and shy cats — cats who find it difficult to thrive in the shelter environment and were in need of a safe space where they could show their true personalities.

  • Our foster program has now been in operation for more than 8 years. We typically have 40 to 60 foster cats in our care at any time.

  • Our cage-free Adoption Center at Cat Town has been in operation since October, 2014. There are typically anywhere between 20 and 40 cats living there.

  • In our 8+ years, we’ve helped more than 2,000 cats.

  • In that same 8+ years, we’ve helped reduce the euthanasia rate in Oakland’s shelter by 70%.

The Difference You Can Make

Your gift will help Oakland’s littlest kittens have a better chance of growing up and being adopted! Funds will help with:

  • Training fosters to care for a litter of kittens and their feral mother to increase chances of survival from two thirds to 90%!

  • Getting scared kittens out of the shelter early so that it takes just days to weeks — not weeks to months — to help them trust people so they can get adopted.

  • Paying for spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and medicines for Oakland’s highest-risk kittens

Your donations can also be used in many other worthy ways…

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  • Life-saving surgery for cats with broken bones, injured eyes, and other wounds

  • Lifelong medical care for senior cats who struggle with thyroid disease, kidney failure, cancer, and tooth decay

  • Support for fosters who spend months helping scared cats overcome fear from abuse or living on the streets

  • Training for volunteers to help adopters find the perfect cat for their personality and home environment

$10 — Help kittens overcome fear of people with a pack of treats
$25 — Give a blind cat special litter so they can find their litter box
$35 — Deliver supplies to our foster cats and kittens
$50 — Buy a case of prescription food for cats with special dietary needs
$60 — Get a stressed cat out of a cage
$100 — Purchase cleaning supplies to keep cats healthy at the Adoption Center
$250 — Spay/Neuter an entire litter of kittens
$280 — Socialize older kittens so they can find a home
$550 — Care for one kitten for their entire stay with Cat Town
$600 — Provide medical care for seniors and sick cats