UPDATE: Our missing cats are now both accounted for! Nadia was found this morning at a nearby construction site and returned to us covered in mud, but healthy. London, who we thought might have been very hunkered down somewhere inside Cat Town had done just that! Once the dust of the day settled, he made himself known and we were able to get him into a comfortable studio space to destress.

Our two windows have been replaced and we will be open normal hours again starting Saturday, March 17th. To everyone who has helped us through this ordeal we are incredibly grateful. Our cat community continues to amaze us at every turn.

If you would like to help with the repairs, we are hoping to fortify our adoption center to reduce the likelihood of our cats escaping should our windows ever be broken again. You can help with a donation today.

Thank you so much for your support,

The Cat Town Team

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Last year was an incredible year at Cat Town. We helped more vulnerable cats find their way out of the shelter, launched new initiatives, and welcomed our first class of apprentices — taking our mission nationwide.

This report celebrates everything you helped us accomplish in 2017. Thank you for making Cat Town a safety net for the cats who need us most.