Sunday's Story

When Sunday first arrived at the shelter, she had been living on the streets as a stray. Understandably, she was wary of humans and very skittish, but we had high hopes for her outside the cage. After three months at the shelter, we were finally able to move her into a Cat Town foster home.

Sunday enjoying her favorite spot by the window.

Sunday’s foster worked hard to help build a positive relationship, but made little progress. After a few months we decided to bring Sunday to our Cat Zone 2 at the Cafe, where our specially trained volunteers could give her some dedicated time, and hopefully help her build her confidence enough so that she could move over to our Cat Zone to be adopted.

In those few weeks in Cat Zone 2, Sunday grew leaps and bounds from where she was at the shelter, and we decided it was time for her to make her way into the Cat Zone where she could continue to grow with the help of volunteers and visitors.

Playtime with Cat Zone visitors.

As anyone who’s been following Sunday’s story knows, she's been in the Cat Zone for a few months now. Her change in personality in that time has been astounding - where she was once a nervous, hesitant cat, she’s now a confident, playful lap cat. 

Sunday, once, reserved, now a total lap cat

Sunday, once, reserved, now a total lap cat

So as we celebrate the second anniversary of the Cat Town Cafe, we could not be more excited to announce that Sunday has finally found her family and goes home with them this Monday evening. 

Sunday’s story is one we’ve seen so many times - a cat at the shelter who has immense potential, but is stunted by their environment. But thanks to our partnership with Oakland Animal Services, the hard work and dedication of our fosters and volunteers, and our Cat Town supporters, we can continue to change the lives of at-risk shelter cats.

With another year behind us at the Cat Town Cafe, we look forward to helping even more cats in the year to come.