Progress Report : Mac and Aaliyah

Brother and sister pair, Mac and Aaliyah, came to Cat Town through our partners at Feral Change. They'd been living outside for a while and were fairly under socialized kittens at the time.

Mac and Aaliyah huddled up at Feral Change

When they arrived at Cat Town, they almost never ventured out of the Quiet Zone. Mac was fairly quick to allow pets, but only from the safety of his Quiet Zone cubby. Aaliyah was far more shy, retreating whenever a hand approached and tucking herself out of reach.

Mac and Aaliyah shortly after arriving at Cat Town, in their safe space, the Quiet Zone.

Slowly but surely, the two started to explore the Cat Zone. On our closed days, the absence of visitors gave them the chance to slowly investigate, and our volunteers could provide playtime without over stimulation. This gave them the confidence to start coming out during our open hours, and has helped them develop the outgoing personalities we see from them today.

Aaliyah enjoying some sunshine in the Cat Zone

Now, Mac and Aaliyah are fixtures of the Cat Zone, posing for pictures and engaging in play - Aaliyah's especially well known for zooming through the room while chasing after a wand toy. The two are still building their relationships with humans - Aaliyah is still sometimes wary of pets if she can't do a thorough sniff test first, and Mac still feels most comfortable receiving pets within the safety of the quiet zone - but they've made tremendous strides with Cat Town, so much so that we've started to see other cats learning about human interaction from them.

Mac showing his Cat Zone buddy, Hector, the benefits of playtime and pets

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