Saving Pets Challenge - Two Weeks Remaining!

We had a super 2nd week of the Saving Pets Challenge, with individual team members raising over $5,000 last week (and that doesn't even include the money donated to the general Cat Town fundraiser!) That puts Cat Town's total over $33,000 so far!  But we can't stop yet...we want to make sure we keep pushing to the finish line to meet our goal of $120,000.

We blew the Week 2 Bonus Challenge of raising at least $1,000 out of the water, putting Cat Town in the drawing to win one of four $2,500 cash prizes. The winner will be posted to the SPC site shortly.

For the Week 3 Bonus Challenge, the two organizations that raise the most online between 7/19 and 7/26 will play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The organization that wins gets $3,000 and the organization that does not win gets $1,500. 

Any amount of donation helps us our lifesaving work!