Saving Pets Challenge - 30K in ONE WEEK?!

In the first week of Saving Pets Challenge, including some offline donations, we have raised over $30,000 to help the cats who need us most! That is simply incredible!

Here's a story which is quite a common one at Cat Town - the transformation of a scared and shy cat to a confident pet. Boone was adopted from Cat Town cafe just a couple weeks ago.

Boone was just 3 months old when he arrived at the shelter with his siblings. His siblings were confident and quickly moved up to adoption, leaving him in the back of the shelter alone in a cage. Shelter volunteers tried to work with him, but he was spitting and stomping and scaring everyone who tried to get close. We brought him to the Cat Town Cafe and surrounded him with confident cats, knowing they would be the best teachers for him.

Fast forward a couple of months, and here is a note we received from his adopter: “Boone has given us headbutts and is now letting us pet him and scratch his chin/behind his ears.  He is curious and very sweet.”

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