How Your Donation Helps Cats AND Kittens!

Before I started volunteering at the Oakland shelter, I didn’t know that it is really challenging to socialize kittens once they are three months old or older. Around this time of year, the shelter starts to fill up with these older kittens. Try as they might, shelter volunteers usually make little progress since the kittens are so scared in that environment. Add to that the fact that kittens are really vulnerable to illness, because their immune systems aren’t fully developed.  That means they often get sick and are super difficult to treat. Taking these guys in, often means extra vet bills as well.

For all these reasons, these kittens won’t get moved into adoption at the shelter, and, before Cat Town, there were no rescue groups that would help them. It’s heartbreaking to see such young cats being euthanized (as they were in huge numbers before Cat Town) so we created the Forgotten Kitten Project to save them! 

The resources raised through Saving Pets Challenge will mean we don’t have to hesitate to get these youngsters out of the shelter quickly.

Thank you for all you are doing to make this possible!!! If these cute kittens have pulled at your heartstrings, please consider making a donation to the Saving Pets Challenge here!