Saving Pets Challenge - Three Week Update!

We have raised over $40,000 thanks to our amazing donors but still have a long way to go. Please consider supporting Cat Town who has helped save the lives of 1,400 cats. 

Walk a Mile in an Abandoned Cat's Paws

It's tough on the streets if you are a cat. Usually they eek out an existence dumpster diving and catching vermin. Cats who have been abandoned or lost often end up in a feral colony, but they are not wild cats. They are domesticated cats who are down on their luck and a helping paw. 

Best case for many of these cats which make our city home is that someone might feed them and gain enough trust to take them to Oakland Animal Services. We have thousands of outside cats in Oakland and getting them out of the shelter, who often can't always manage to house all of them, is why it is so important to support Cat Town. We give these cats a safe place to relax, open up and show who they are to potential adopters as well as relieving the overcrowding at the shelter. It is a direct way to support the cats of the Town and make this place we call home a little bit better.

So please friends, if you haven't given yet and can afford to do so, make a donation today and then come visit cats like Root Beer (shown here) at Cat Town. Thank you.