Thank You for Helping Cats Like Polly

When we brought Polly to our cage-free Adoption Center, I watched her make biscuits with her oversized paws and show off her gentle personality. At Cat Town, we explained to visitors that FIV is typically symptom-free for many years, and while untreatable, doesn’t spread as easily as the name implies. Best of all, Polly was able to show hundreds of people that her FIV status wasn’t a danger to other cats by safely grooming, playing, and sleeping with her feline companions at our Adoption Center.


At Cat Town, Polly was adopted in less than two weeks.

Some cats get labels that make it hard to see who they are; they become nothing more than their FIV, food allergies, or shyness. But every cat has love to give.

This month, you helped break down the stigma for cats like Polly by supporting our Saving Pets Challenge campaign. Thank you for making our cause your own!

Polly and adopter.jpg

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