Helping Cats Like Sammy is Why I Volunteer

By Jennifer F.

During my weekly volunteer shift at Cat Town, I made sure to sit with 8-year-old Sammy so I could hear his squeaky meow. When I petted him, he’d make biscuits and chirp to himself. I got in all the snuggles I could, knowing Sammy would soon charm someone into taking him home. Happily, I was right!


Even though he is sweet as can be, Sammy is partially blind, so this senior cat ended up at a shelter where no local rescues would take him. 

After Cat Town takes in the shelter cats who’ve been waiting longest, volunteers like me help them learn to feel safe again.


Sometimes all we do is sit with senior cats and let them tell us about their day. For cats who don’t yet trust people, we’ll use back scratchers to ease them into being petted, or tempt them with baby food to win their hearts. For sick cats, we suit up to keep them company while they recover, or get them into foster-care for one-on-one TLC.

Right now, the Oakland city shelter now has no veterinarian on staff. This means Cat Town will need to help more cats than ever before — cats who will need immediate medical attention and specialized care.

With more resources, Cat Town can jump in to help more shelter cats now, when they need us most. Please consider making a donation today through the Saving Pets Challenge — your gift will help volunteers like me save more cats like Sammy, with nowhere else to turn.

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