OAKLAND — There's Summer with her tabby stripes and a bib of white fur on her chest. And Gwyn with her shiny gray coat and sugar-dipped paws. And Eloise, a fluffy girl with her signature crooked smile. These three girls are members of our Forgotten Kitten Project currently residing in foster homes

Did you know Cat Town started as a foster program designed to give vulnerable shelter cats an alternative path to adoption in a free-roaminf environment? Members of the Forgotten Kitten Project sometimes need the quiet comforts of a temporary home while they decompress from their time in the shelter. 

That was the case for all three of these female felines. Each started in our adoption center, but the environment wasn't quite right for their needs. That's when they moved into foster homes where dedicated attention from foster parents and confident feline role models could make an impact. Now, Gwyn, Summer, and Eloise are ready to find their families! Drop us a line at if you're ready to talk about adopting. 


This gentle young lady is gaining confidence and revealing personality traits each and every day. As a lover of being pet and brushed, Gwyn is no stranger to some attention once she’s decided that she is comfortable in her environment. She’s a curious and playful cat who is still very much a kitten at heart. Give her some toys and a window spot with some sun, and she’s a happy camper for the entirety of the day. We'd love to find her an adopter with a calm gentle home and a feline companion. 


This sweet and reserved cat has an affectionate nature she reveals as she gets comfortable. During the time we’ve known her, she’s developed into a playful and loving cat. While she isn’t a huge fan of loud noises or new faces, she will eventually introduce herself when things have calmed down. She loves being pet, and will wait for you on the bath mat during shower time for extra attention. Give her a blanket on top of a chair or a spot on the cat tree, and Summer will spend all day people-watching. 


Beautiful, intelligent and independent, Eloise is growing into a stunning cat. She's still figuring out how to be a confident companion, but is learning quickly from her foster brothers. She could do well with other cat friends who can continue to show her how to grow her trust with people. While still shy around new faces, she will accept some sneaky pets while she's eating. A timid tabby right now, Eloise is getting more confident and is sure to grow in a loving home that can give her the space to show her true self. 

Interested in adopting, fostering or have more questions? E­mail And check out all of the members of the Forgotten Kitten Project currently up for adoption. 

Cat Town is working to help other rescues across the country replicate our work with Forgotten Kittens thanks to a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund. First visit to the Cat Town blog? Learn more about our Forgotten Kitten Project in our regular Kitten Wire dispatches.

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