Most of Cat Town’s cats are in foster-care in the homes of volunteers, waiting to be adopted or decompressing from their shelter stay. If you have a quiet space in your home and time to give to under socialized or sick kittens, or a shy, sensitive or older cat, or a cat with special needs, you might be a great foster parent for a Cat Town cat.

Once out of the shelter, many of our cats are very easy going and simply need a safe place to land. Some are very shy and need special socializing. We will match you with a cat that is right for your interest and experience and will provide you lots of guidance and support, including help from cat behaviorists if needed.

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Here is what one of our foster volunteers has to say about her experience with Cat Town:

‘Having only experienced volunteering at a shelter on a weekly basis, it has been such an uplifting shift to now foster cats through Cat Town. I’ve always been drawn to the "not-so-easily-adoptable" cats, so it has been a truly rewarding experience to witness how important a comfortable non-cage environment and daily human interactions are for the shyer cats. By providing these first steps, these cats are on their way to becoming wonderful adoptable pets.

The people at Cat Town are supportive, knowledgeable, hands-on, address all questions and continuously replenish supplies. As we have fostered a number of cats just this year, adjustments are dealt with effectively and with awareness and sensitivity to our particular concerns. Since we started fostering for Cat Town in April, five of the cats we fostered have been adopted. Cat Town connects us to cats in need and it has been so satisfying to express our love for them by partnering with such a caring organization.’

If you're interested in learning more about fostering, please reach out to us at