Friday Pep Talk: Smallz

By Marie Carney

Ok Smallz, this is your week! You’re going to get adopted, you just have to show everyone your sweet self. Be brave you wonderful boy!

Photo by Liz Lazich.

Photo by Liz Lazich.

I remember when you first came to Cat Town you were so scared. We were hopeful you would come out of you shell quickly, but it was overwhelming for you. All the activity and the big room was too much, but we were so patient with you. Curled up in the Quiet Zone we talked to you and pet you when you felt ready. Soon you started showing how sweet and playful you really are, coming out to the big room to play at night and run around with your kitty friends.

Now, look at you, Smallz! The first cat to greet staff in the morning! The one playing in the middle of the room and rubbing on visitors legs. You play effortlessly with everyone, and share your love openly, purring and cuddling (especially after playtime). When we do special treat nights I love how you are front and center, grabbing my hand and holding it. You’ve become the role model for the other cats showing them how to interact with people and be brave. It’s your time, Smallz, I know it! There’s a home out there just waiting for a loving, playful, silly cat like you.

If you’re ready to make Smallz a part of your family, email or come meet him in our Adoption Center to speak with a trained Adoption Counselor.