Make a reservation to guarantee your entry into the Cat Zone below. 

Reservations are made on the hour. The Cat Zone accommodates up to 10 people per hour. Walk-ins are welcome Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday before 3PM, and requires a $5 donation per person at check-in. Reservations are also available and optional for weekday visits. Due to the large number of weekend visitors, reservations are required Friday (starting at 3PM) - Sunday, and can be made below or in person at 2869 Broadway. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, BUT ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

All children count towards the total of 10 people in the Cat Zone and must be paid for. One adult must be present per 2 children ages 12 and under.

Please know that we promote a natural environment for the cats where we honor their individual needs and cycles. They may not always be active or awake during visits.

To help ensure a safe and relaxing experience for our cats, NO CATNIP, NO LASER POINTERS, and NO OUTSIDE TREATS are permitted in the Cat Zone. There are lots of toys available for interactive play, and small, portioned bags of RAWR treats are available for sale at the front desk. Thank you for helping us keep the Cat Zone safe and enjoyable for our cats and our visitors! 

Also take a look at our events page for more info on special events at the cafe!

Special Events & Private Parties

Send an email to if you would like to book an event or private party.