Q. Can I bring food/drinks into the Cat Zone?

A. Yes, food and beverages purchased at RAWR Coffee Bar are allowed! Food purchased outside of RCB is not permitted, and please don't bring treats for the cats. We closely monitor their diet and have healthy RAWR dehydrated treats that can be purchased for $1.00 for use in the Cat Zone, just ask the cashier at RCB!

Q. Can I bring my cat(s) to the Cat Zone?

A. Sorry, but no. Our cats are all up for adoption and we do everything in our power to limit their stress/ensure their happiness and comfort. Bringing in cats from the public would not only be stressful for them, but likely stressful for your cat (and us!).

Q. Where do you get the cats that are in the Cat Zone?

A. Cat Town's mission is to help cats from Oakland Animal Services (OAS / Oakland's municipal shelter), so the majority of cats are from there. We also support Feral Change and Fix Our Ferals, groups who get outdoor cats spayed/neutered. When possible, we'll take adoptable cats from them.

Q. I'm no longer able to keep my cat. Can you take her at the Cat Town Cafe or into a foster home?

A. Cat Town's mission is to help the cats who are at risk at Oakland Animal Sevices. Unfortunately, we're not even able to meet the needs there. This means we are unable to take cats from members of the public.

Q. Do the cats live at the Cafe?

A. Sort-of! Cat Town started as a foster based program, and the Cat Zone is our own permanent foster space, so this is their cage-free home until they find a permanent one. Our primary consideration is for the well-being of our cats. If anyone gets sick or is stressed in the Cat Zone, we'll get them into a foster home until they're adopted.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation-donation to get into the Cat Zone?

A. No, not technically. A reservation is highly recommended especially on weekends and it will guarantee your time in the Cat Zone when it’s most convenient for you. However, we do welcome walk-ins, but we can only accommodate them if there is space in the Cat Zone at that time.

B. The only time you would not make a reservation or donation is if you very serious about adopting a particular cat that maybe you have already spent time with. Just let the person checking in you know that you are there to consider a cat for adoption.

Q. How many people/cats are in the Cat Zone at one time?

A. We allow up to 10 people in the Cat Zone per hour, to minimize stress, and give potential adopters and other visitors the opportunity for quality time with the cats.

Q. What if I come into the Cat Zone and all the cats are sleeping?

A. Let's face it, cats sleep up to 16 hours a day. While we understand that visitors hope to spend time with playful cats, it's important for the health of our cats that they be allowed to sleep when they need it. If you’d like to visit when they are more playful we recommend that you try to visit before 1PM or after 5PM.

Q. Are children allowed into the Cat Zone?

A. Yes! However, at least one adult needs to be present per two children (12 and under). We ask all visitors help us create a calm and quiet environment for the cats.

Q. Can I volunteer in the Cat Zone?

A. Yes! You can become a volunteer by filling out our online form. We are also always looking for volunteers to help us at events, to assist with foster cat care, supply delivery, etc. There is something for everyone!

* If your question is not listed here please send an email to reservation@cattownoakland.org or info@cattownoakland.org.

* Please note that we receive a lot of e-mail and we may not be able to reply as quickly as we would like. We appreciate your understanding.