Your sponsorship will give more cats a way home for an entire year.

When you pledge to make a transformative monthly gift to support our life-saving work, Cat Town will name one of our 11 studios in your honor. These spaces help cats land on their feet and allow us to give them the time they need to build trust, heal wounds, and recover from stressful experiences. If you'd like to see this magic at work, we will gladly send you updates for each cat who finds a home through a stay in your studio.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity is our thanks for supporting the cats who need it most. Please contact Quinn White (quinn@cattownoakland.org) if you are interested in alternative payment plans.

Choose from one of our five small studios ($500/month), four large studios ($750/month), or two VIP studios ($1,000/month).



If you're interested in making a transformative gift, but looking for other ways to do so, consider supporting our legacy mural at the Cat Town Adoption Center.

Thank you for supporting our lifesaving work!