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For Cat Town's Second chance soirée


Second Chance Soirée is a celebration of what happens when a community comes together to think outside the box and solve a seemingly impossible problem.

Cat Town was established to save the shelter cats facing euthanasia — because typically, rescue organizations believed them to be beyond saving. In focusing on these overlooked animals, we’ve helped reduce the euthanasia rate at Oakland Animal Services, Oakland’s municipal shelter, by 70% since 2011.

This year’s soirée will further Cat Town’s work to support Oakland’s cats, as well as provide hands-on support to the rescue organizations across the country hoping to do more for overlooked cats in their own communities.


Cat Town reaches more than 155,000 people annually through our website, social media, and foot traffic. Becoming a sponsor for Cat Town's Second Chance Soirée will maximize your exposure to our audience — while making a real difference for animals in your community, and the people who love them.

Together, we can give every cat in need a second chance at being adopted. Become an event sponsor today, or work with us to create a custom sponsorship for your company. 


The deadline to be included on event signage for 2019 is September 10.


Looking for other ways to get involved?

Cat Town offers corporate volunteer opportunities, kitten deliveries, and more! Get the details here.