Double Your Donations to Raise the Bar for Cat Rescue

Not many rescues would see a cat like Einstein at the shelter and decide to intervene. Fourteen years old. Incontinent. Grumpy-faced. Terrified. He even had early signs of skin cancer. If we followed the typical rescue model, we'd have passed him over to help a younger, easier cat.

Instead, because you believe in and support Cat Town’s work, we save cats like Einstein every day. 


At Cat Town, we take chances on shelter cats with no other options. And because we do, we weren't surprised that Einstein had no trouble charming his foster family – or his adopters. But helping cats like Einstein would be impossible if you hadn't believed in us.

So I have a special request. 

In spite of Cat Town’s small staff and lean budget, we’re poised to help change the approach to cat rescue across the country. We've been nationally recognized for our innovation, and have begun teaching our unique approach to other organizations – we show them exactly how to do what many in our field still believe to be impossible.

But our resources are not keeping pace with our growing impact.

This is a pivotal moment, and the cats need us to do more. Will you invest in Cat Town’s future with a donation today? 


Your gift, if received by December 15, will be matched (up to $30,000) by Maddie’s Fund. I hope you’ll give as generously as you are able, and as always, I appreciate all you do for Cat Town.

With gratitude,

Ann Dunn
Founder and Executive Director

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