Giving Black Cats the Chance They Deserve

Many people know that black cats can have a hard time being adopted, especially at the shelter. On top of that, the stress of the environment can cause cats like Francis, Jasper, and Miranda, to react by biting, despite being otherwise sweet cats. 

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If a cat does bite at the shelter, they go into quarantine for 10 days, and have little chance of getting out after the fact. Knowing that a stressed cat’s reaction to the shelter is usually not indicative of their personalities, we’re dedicated to helping those cats get out of the cage and into our free range spaces at Cat Town. We want to show that these cats are not dangerous, but just stressed by a chaotic, unnerving situation, and give them the chance they deserve.

After becoming overstimulated, both Jasper and Francis reacted by biting, and Miranda was on the verge of also biting someone. Our trained staff knew this meant all three were destined for Cat Town. 

Jasper enjoying all the comforts of his Cat Town Foster Home

Jasper enjoying all the comforts of his Cat Town Foster Home

Once they had the time to de-stress in their respective foster homes, all three of these cats found their new families! Francis was adopted by his foster, who realized she couldn’t imagine parting ways with him. Jasper and Miranda both showed themselves to be loving companions in their temporary homes, and when introduced, charmed the pants off each of their adopters. 

That’s what we like to call a Cat Town happy ending! 

Francis, in his temporary turned permanent home!

With each adoption, we’re able to move another at-risk cat from the shelter to Cat Town. Thanks to our supporters, volunteers, fosters, and adopters, we’re saving more lives. 

Miranda gives her adopter's paperwork one final look over before going home. 

If you’d like to adopt, be sure to check out all our current cats and email with any inquiries.