Black Cat Adoption Special

This week, from Sunday, August 13th to Saturday August 19th, we're celebrating black cats (and a few mostly black fur tuxedos) in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day on Thursday, August 17th.
What's the very best way to celebrate black cats? By finding them loving homes! Black cats still have a hard time getting adopted from the shelter and that's why we very happily take them into our care. They make excellent companions and if you're thinking of adopting, now is the perfect time to make a black cat a member of your family!

Check out our current available black cats below and email to inquire about adopting. 

Potential adopters must meet screening standards to adopt. 


Bastille is a sweet 7-year-old girl looking for a family of her own. In the shelter, she was shut down and dealing with a serious flea allergy. Now she's happy, healthy, and affectionate! As sweet as she is beautiful Jura just wants to spend her time snuggled up with her people. Click through her photo to read her full bio. 


Jura's all boxed up and ready to go home! This sweet lady is looking for a place to enjoy play and affection from her people. With time to adjust, she might also do well with another cat. She's a determined lady who knows what she likes - she'll be sure to let you know if and when she'd like pets or not! Read more about Jura by clicking her photo. 


Given a chance to adjust to a new space, Billy will reveal himself to be a laid-back guy with a passion for play and window perches! With a little extra love and patience, he'll soon be begging for pets and dropping toys at your feet. Read more about Billy by clicking his photo for a full bio.


When Wyatt came to Cat Town, he was dealing with a leg and hip injury and had to be on crate rest while he healed. But now, we're happy to report that he's fully mended and more ready to play than ever before! He's especially fond of the feather toy and the Cat Dancer. And when playtime is over, he'll nudge your hand for full body pets. Read Wyatt's full bio by clicking his photo. 



Everyone who meets Mr. Adorable falls in love. He lives up to his name in looks and in behavior. He loves  lap time and pets, but can sometimes get a little too excited - just watch his body language, he’ll tell you when he’s had enough pets. He’ll need to be indoor only due to his FIV+ status and should go to a kid-free home.



Whenever someone new meets Darcy, they leave with a smile on their face. She is nothing but love and affection and will be such a warm and happy addition to her future home. Because she is FeLV+, she’ll need to be an indoor only, solo cat, but with her shining personality, you’ll swear you have 10 cats.



Sweet and affectionate, Mimosa would love to go home where she can be the only cat. Being FIV+ ,she’ll need to be an indoor only cat, but would be a great candidate for first time cat owners. She’ll happily soak up pets and loves striking up a conversation at the end of a long day.