Helping Hissy Kittens

I worked with Amaryllis for five months to get her ready for adoption. She grew up in a dark corner cage in a crowded shelter, her fear of humans worsening as each day passed. Only one volunteer could touch her during her shelter stay, so she was a feisty, hissy 8-month-old kitten by the time she came to Cat Town. She had to wait at the shelter until we had space, because other rescues won’t typically take under-socialized kittens.


Amaryllis hid behind my toilet for two weeks, so scared it took her five days to eat. After those first two weeks I started to be able to touch her and get her to come out to play. As I worked with her, I couldn’t help but wish that we could have stepped in sooner, when it would have been much easier to earn her trust.


That’s why I’m writing to you today. If we want to help every hissy baby kitten at the shelter as soon as they need us, we need to expand our foster program. An anonymous donor has offered to match your donations for the next 48 hours — up to $1,000 — to help us meet this need.

With more resources for our foster program, we can make sure kittens like Amaryllis spend weeks building trust, not months, and help more kittens without taking funds away from the cats we have always helped. Your donation today will help us care for more kittens by getting to them sooner. Will you please help make sure kittens like Amaryllis get the help they need?

Thank you,

Marie Carney
Medical Manager