OAKLAND — We recently told you about a shy cat named Milton, a member of our Forgotten Kitten Project. Today, we're happy to report this mini-panther with a developing penchant for pets is available for adoption

To learn more about Milton's journey, we checked in with his foster mom, Cammane W., who took him in four months ago when he developed a bad cold, prompting his move out of the main adoption center.

Cammane, a Cat Town volunteer with ample experience working with under-socialized cats, knew the right tricks and tools to help him gain confidence around people — which Milton needs after spending his formative early months on the street and in a shelter cage. Even still, it took plenty of patience to help him blossom. 

For a snapshot at what it takes to help our shyest cats on their journey to adoption, here is an interview with Cammane. 

Milton enjoying the comforts of his foster home.

Milton enjoying the comforts of his foster home.

Q: Describe Milton's behavior his first week compared to this week?

A: During his first week, he would hide whenever I came into the room. He would hiss and growl at me when I approached. He was terrified of my hands and would swat whenever I brought a hand close to him, even with treats.

Q: And now?

A: Now, he doesn’t get startled when I come in. He doesn’t watch everything I do anymore, often closing his eyes and relaxing in less than a minute. If he’s been napping, he won’t walk/run away when I approach him. He’s recently started letting me give him at least several minutes of pets, and as of last weekend, occasionally leans into them! If he isn’t interested in interacting with me, he simply walks away.

A recent photo from Cammane featuring Milton, melting into pets.

A recent photo from Cammane featuring Milton, melting into pets.

Q: How would you describe his personality?

A: While he can get crazy with his favorite toys, he’s an overall pretty mellow cat. He tends to  stand back and observe. 

Q: Tell me about your experience fostering: Have you fostered with Cat Town before Milton?

A: I’ve fostered three other cats before Milton. They were all very confident (my first was actually Memo who came from the main adoption center), so fostering Milton was has been a pretty drastic change.

Q: What would you want potential adopters to know about Milton? 

A: He’s going to take longer than you expect in order to get comfortable. But it’s totally worth it because he’s such a sweet cat. He’s curious about the world but still scared. I haven’t heard him meow yet, but he trills for Cooper (the resident cat) and chirps at the birds, both of which are super cute. 


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