Progress Report: Huey

After an injury left him unable to feel his tail and bladder, Cat Town took Huey under our wing. We knew this extra-friendly cat would need extra-special care, and we’re happy to report that, thanks to your donations, his medical condition has dramatically improved!

We noticed Huey was not treating his paralyzed tail with the care he would have if it had any feeling. Our vet agreed this put him at risk of future injury, and amputated his tail for his safety. Huey got top notch recovery care from his incredible foster, who happens to be a veterinary technician and made sure he healed up great after his surgery. We suspect that the unlimited cuddles may have helped, too.


“Huey is such a snuggler!” reports his foster mom. “He always wants to be on my lap, and when I wouldn't let him because I was on my laptop, he laid on the arm rest and very, very slowly let himself slide down until he was nestled in the crack next to me. Such a sweetie.”

- Shanti P., Huey's foster mom

Leading up to his surgery, our staff worked closely with the team at Claremont Veterinary Hospital to get Huey’s bladder under better control. After carefully trying a variety of medications, we found one that’s given us hope. In fact, with this latest medication, his foster mom reports that Huey’s bladder now typically only leaks when he’s fast asleep for long periods, usually at night. “He takes his pills very easily,” she reports,“ and since we started his new medication, he’s only leaked twice during the day, and just a small amount. Not like before.”

Despite all he’s been through, Huey remains a love-bug. In his foster home, even the resident “grumpy old girl” cat has succumbed to his charms — the two now sleep and cuddle together, although he is still unsuccessful in getting her interested in playtime. We’d love to find him an adopter who can shower him with affection, and would especially love to get him into a home with another cat who loves to play!


We are thrilled that the new medication is giving Huey more control, so he can get the affection he craves all day long. To maintain his progress, Huey will need to stay on his medication, prescription food, and get screenings every 6-8 months to make sure he doesn’t have an infection or crystals.

If you’d like to adopt Huey, you can schedule an appointment to meet him by emailing And if you’d like to help more cats get the vet care they need, please consider making a donation to our Emergency Medical Fund.

Huey has been adopted by his foster, Shanti, who writes:

”I underestimated Huey’s charms! He was so happy to be in a home and very clearly smitten with Clover... He would make gentle nudges and give her the sweetest little meows and before long they were napping together, grooming each other, and playing together. Clover has has always been afraid of nearly everything, but I can see Huey teaching her and giving her confidence. We’ve become a little family without even trying.”

We could not be happier for Huey, Shanti, and Clover! Thank you for making this wonderful adoption possible!

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