OAKLAND — We're keeping this week's Wire short on words because a picture is worth 1000!

Check out some of our current members of the Forgotten Kitten Project in their early days with Cat Town side-by-side with more recent progress shots. 

Forgotten Kittens grow a lot during their time at Cat Town, but it's important to remember that their journey is only beginning. When they're adopted, new families will need to welcome them home with patience and understanding. If you're thinking about adopting, be sure to email us at 

Please note: not all the cats featured in this post are available for adoption yet. 

Cat Town is working to help other rescues across the country replicate our work with Forgotten Kittens thanks to a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund. Learn more about our Forgotten Kitten Project in our weekly Kitten Wire dispatch. Be sure to check out our full series

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