Cat Town is a Lifeline for Seniors Like Tony

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By Marie Carney

Most senior cats who find themselves in a shelter cage share some variation of the same story.

One day, their person dies. They lose the only friend they’ve ever known — and now that they’re older, nobody wants to care for them. The city shelter steps in to keep them from becoming homeless, but with so few resources, the shelter can’t make up for the loss of the cat's family, their home, and even the little comforts in life — a window to look out of, a bed, a favorite toy.

It takes an exceptional cat, like Tony, to rise above these circumstances.

In his shelter cage, Tony would stand up to greet visitors, leaning in to rub faces with a big purr. Tony is 10 years old, and in spite of a painful ear infection and bad cold, he never lost hope that someone would come close enough to cuddle! The Oakland shelter asked three different rescue organizations to help Tony, but they each turned him away. 

Cat Town got him into a foster home, where he immediately wanted to play and explore. He’s doing great on his antibiotics, and as soon as we can, we’re getting him ear surgery. This is the part of my job that I love. Tony’s ailments are easy to fix — just costly.


I’m writing because we don’t always have enough donations on hand to help cats with needs like Tony’s. This mega match can help change that— but we only have 48-hours to meet our goal.

Please make a donation today, so Cat Town can help the shelter’s next sick senior cat get the help they need!