Case Management: Supporting our Fosters and Adopters

Because Cat Town is dedicated to helping the shelter's hardest to place cats, care from fosters and adopters can require a more dedicated approach. That's why some of our dedicated volunteers created the Case Management Program at Cat Town, which provides guardians an extra layer of support for under socialized cats living in a home environment.


Cat Town's case management volunteers provide new adopters with a friendly and knowledgeable resource they can turn to with questions about their cat’s adjustment to home life. Since under socialized cats can take weeks or months to acclimate, the extra support aims to prevent potential returns.

Case managers also answer questions from adopters and fosters regarding the well being of the cats in their care. Handling these tasks allows staff more time to pull cats from the shelter and directly advance Cat Town’s mission. With new programs like these, we're able to help build and expand positive relationships between caregivers and cats while getting more cats out of the shelter. 


If you're interested in adopting, please be sure to check out our gallery of available cats below, and email us at to learn more.