Be a Hero Adopter This Holiday Season

It can be difficult for some of Cat Town’s older, less outgoing, or higher-need cats to find their perfect match, so we’re turning the spotlight on a few of our feline residents who need an extra special person or family this holiday season. If you’re looking to make a big impact in the life of a vulnerable shelter cat, you could be what we call “a hero adopter”. A hero adopter is someone with an extra-large heart, open to helping a cat still building a positive relationship with humans or facing health challenges.

Meet all our cats looking for hero adopters, and if you are a hero waiting in the wings, we hope you'll take to the stage during this holiday season!


According to this sweet girl’s foster, Didi loves sitting on laps, making biscuits while purring up a storm, and even giving a few kisses when she’s feeling extra happy.

It’s important for potential adopters to know Didi has a congenital defect in her spine. Her 6th and 7th vertebrae are fused together, but that doesn’t stop this very active lady! She likes to play and will chase anything that moves. Didi has a cute little waddle and is able to hop up on low surfaces, but she would do best in a home with little or no stairs or tempting high ground. She takes medication once a day to help her feel more comfortable.


Herman has been in the cat zone at Cat Town for a few months, and we’ve already seen such incredible progress! This handsome fellow is very cautious around people, but with the help of our dedicated volunteers, he’s learning humans are on his side.

Volunteer Nancy J. recently wrote about a special encounter she had with Herman during her shift at Cat Town, saying, “Herman let me pet him for as long as I wanted! He was under a blanket and was so happy, drooling and rolling around for better petting angles. A testament to all of you [who]  have worked so diligently with him—he has made much progress!”


This gorgeous senior girl makes an unforgettable impression on everyone she meets! Though Maisy is cautious with new people, once she’s warmed up she is as sweet as can be. She loves snuggling on the sofa and when the mood strikes, she can also be very playful. She’s even one of those rare cats who like to have their belly rubbed. Maisy’s foster says she’s a wonderful companion and likes to “put her paw on you when you are near,” which seems like her version of holding hands!

Potential adopters should be aware Maisy is on a special diet for a food allergy, but this doesn’t impact her overall health.


Full of energy and ready to play, Marcella is a curious kitty looking for an adventure! She’s made significant progress since coming to Cat Town, and while she’s still a little shy around new faces, she’s a confident and affectionate cat who would make a great addition to a home that’s full of activities, love, and patience.

Potential adopters should know Marcella’s eyelid injury doesn’t slow her down or seem to bother her, but she will need an adopter who will keep her health in mind so she can keep on living her very best life! We also recommend having plenty of scratching posts available—Marcella is a big fan of de-stressing by stretching out her paws!


If you’ve been to Cat Town recently or tuned in to our live Maddie cam, chances are, you’ve probably seen quiet girl Natalie cruising around or laying in her favorite hammock. With her giant yellow-green eyes and pretty little whiskers, she can captivate you in an instant. Slowly but surely she is making progress, and in recent weeks she has begun to accept pets from visitors and Cat Town staff and volunteers. While Natalie is building her confidence, we hope to see her find her way into the heart of her perfect match. She’s getting braver and braver every day!

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While she is reserved, Summer is an exceptionally sweet cat with an affectionate nature revealed when comfortable. Since coming to Cat Town, she’s blossomed into a playful and loving cat. Her foster tells us Summer enjoys being pet, loves people-watching by the window, and will even wait on the bath mat during shower time to get some extra attention.

It’s important for potential adopters to know Summer isn’t a big fan of loud noises or new faces, and we recommend she join a home with another cat since she likes company and can gain confidence from the encouragement of a friend.


Senior lady Ruby doesn’t let her age slow her down one bit! According to her foster, she’s very adaptable, easygoing, and has a big personality. She comes running when the foster comes home and loves sitting in peoples’ laps, purring away. Ruby is content to be alone but also very clearly enjoys family time.

Potential adopters should be aware Ruby has hyperthyroidism, a treatable condition for which she needs to take one medication per day. While we’ve observed she gets along fine with other cats and even young children, we think a senior cat like her would appreciate having a little more peace and privacy in her long-term home and recommend she only go to a family with older kids and other laidback cats.

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