National Cat Day Gallery

We're celebrating National Cat Day with a gallery featuring recent photos of our Cat Town alums. Our adopters are so special to us because the cats we take into our care are so often deemed unadaptable. Thank you all for giving these cats such loving homes.

Check out all the photos, and if you'd like to become an adopter yourself, be sure to click the button below to see our current cats, and email to learn more.

Sansa and Arya, adopted December 2015

Lindy, adopted September 2017

Sophia (FKA Tulip) and Jack, adopted September 2017

Boise, adopted October 2015

"Morrison (right) started his stay here as a foster, but he was so magical he had to stay. He is so entertaining and loving."

-- Kay, Adopter

Merry (FKA Vito), adopted February 2013

Phoenix (Foster Fail), adopted January 2015

Nutmeg, adopted July 2016

Morrison (Foster Fail), adopted August 2017

Penelope (Foster Fail), adopted October 2017

Emmett and Fletcher (Foster Fail), adopted July 2017

Kelda, adopted September 2017

Bee (FKA Dawson), adopted October 2015

Tyson, adopted May 2015

Peanut, adopted February 2016

Pilot, adopted October 2014

Pinky and Logan, adopted May 2015

Patsy and Edie, adopted August 2017

Vera and Sophie (FKA Sasha and Queen Floofs), adopted September 2017

Gina (FKA Pansy), adopted December 2015

Zinn and Kiefer (FKA Darius and Morgan), adopted August 2017

Gladys, adopted September 2015

"The lovely Gladys (above) has been with me since August 2015; she's now 17 years old. Despite a host of health problems...she just keeps on going."

-- Leslie, Adopter

Ranger and Gibson, adopted July 2017

Freddy and Francis (FKA Kimchi and Bulgogi), adopted October 2017

"These two big kittens are Freddy and Francis (above), who in their Cat Town days were named after Korean cuisine. We adopted them two weeks ago. They are very affectionate and silly and have brought much happiness into our home. They spend a good amount of time chasing each other around the place like galloping horses."

-- Erik, adopter

Marty (FKA Herbert), adopted October 2015

Marty (FKA Herbert), adopted October 2015

Grover (FKA Grady), adopted January 2017

Blizzard, adopted September 2017

Cooper and Clyde (FKA Bruce), adopted October 2014

Katya, adopted June 2017, and Una, adopted December 2015

Marvin (left), adopted October 2015, and Mel, adopted September 2017

Elsa, adopted March 2017

Meeka, adopted December 2016

Rose, (FKA Rizzo), adopted October 2015

Hans (FKA Dominic), adopted October 2015

Patrick and Joy, adopted September 2016

Leonardo (FKA Clifford), adopted September 2017

Gary, adopter February 2015

Panda, adopted July 2016

Atlas (FKA Simon), adopted September 2017

Boeing, adopted July 2016

Zeppelin, adopted October 2015

Joy (FKA Oak), adopted September 2017, and Kena (FKA Peaches), adopted December 2012

Joy (FKA Oak), adopted September 2017, and Kena (FKA Peaches), adopted December 2012

"My Cat Town kitties ( Joy and Kena, above) are so special to me...THANK YOU, Cat Town! For all you do for Oakland’s cats. My life is fuller because of my feline lovebugs."

-- Cynthia, Adopter

Praline, adopted December 2014

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