OAKLAND, Calif. — Every Monday, volunteer Liz Lazich arrives at Cat Town with her Canon 5D Mark II and walks about the adoption center, looking for the newest arrivals from the Oakland shelter. Her work capturing photos of our cats is essential in helping them get noticed and eventually adopted.

We asked Liz to bring her camera to the Studios for a special session with our youngest rescues, the members of the Forgotten Kitten Project. With her art background and understanding of our shy and special-needs felines, we knew Liz would bring a special perspective to this photo shoot.

"I immediately envisioned black and white photographs, and then I started thinking about abstracts," Liz said. "Kitties have so many incredible features and markings that we sometimes take for granted. I wanted to highlight those in an up close and personal way."

But they aren't the easiest subjects.

"Executing this project with kittens was an awesome challenge because they just won't stop moving," she said. 

Check out the featured images below from her Monday, Oct. 9, 2017 visit.

Thank you to Liz for helping our kittens find the loving homes they deserve! Explore volunteer opportunities on our website or email to inquire. 

Cat Town is working to help other rescues across the country replicate our work with Forgotten Kittens thanks to a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund. Learn more about our Forgotten Kitten Project in our weekly Kitten Wire dispatch. Be sure to check out last week's post

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