Cat Town Artwork Feature!

Recently, some of our volunteers were coming up with ideas as to how we might expand our promotion of foster cats in the Cat Town Cafe space. Inspired by Oakland Animal Services', Home is Where the HeART Is project, one volunteer suggested an art show at the Cafe as a fun way to showcase the cats who have been in our foster care program for more than a year. We put out the call to our network of volunteers and were met with such great enthusiasm and even greater art! Soon enough the show was underway.  

These pieces so kindly donated by the artists are so appreciated because the work, time, and effort, translates to a greater chance of these cats being adopted. Promoting foster cats in the cafe is one of the best ways to increase their visibility and that of the foster program in general. 

These cats have made such tremendous strides while in the care of their foster families and are true testaments to the Cat Town mission to find all East Bay shelter cats loving homes. 

Please click on their pictures below to learn more about each of these great cats!