Hi #TeamCatTown!

It’s the final stretch! Here is your last update of example emails and sample social posts you can share. If you want ANY help crossing the finish line, please ask us for advice!

With Gratitude,

The Cat Town Team


This Week's SPC Incentives:

MAY 29-31: The first 150 online donations of $50 or more, starting May 29th at 11am PST, will each get a $50 match. So, if we can get donations in RIGHT at 11am we MIGHT get some matched!


MAY 30: The first $1,000 raised by #TeamCatTown on MAY 30 will be matched by the Cat Town board!


Example Email:

Subject Line: I’m helping cats like Ziggy overcome the odds!


Ziggy was surrendered from a hoarding situation. He was very thin, with a greasy, ungroomed coat and a misshapen eye requiring surgery. At the city shelter, volunteers could coax him to eat, but he stayed hidden at the back of his cage for weeks, emotionally shut down. Sweet, sensitive cats, like Ziggy, often struggle the most with the shelter’s loud noises and strange smells.

Cat Town knew a calm, quiet environment would help him build confidence while he recovered from his eye surgery. They gave Ziggy a foster home with Julia. She saw Ziggy’s sensitive soul and patiently helped him come out of his shell. Soon, he began following her around like a shadow, asking to play and cuddle — he was ready to get adopted. Cat Town found him a loving family to call his own, and now Ziggy is thriving in his new home!

My fundraiser will help give foster cats food, litter, treats and toys — everything they need. I only have X days to reach my fundraising goal, and I hope you’ll help me get there so Cat Town can save more cats like Ziggy!

Thank you,



PS - Cat Town's Board is matching the first $1,000 raised between May 30, 11am, to May 31, 11am — so your generosity will make twice the impact!

Example Social Media Posts:


Most rescue organizations are structured to save lots of young, healthy cats — which quickly makes space at the city shelter. That approach is important, but leaves the same cats behind every time: sick cats, scared cats, and sensitive cats. Those are the cats Cat Town saves. I want to make sure these cats all find homes, too, so I hope you’ll make a donation to my fundraiser today! <CAMPAIGN LINK>


Sweet, sensitive cats, like Ziggy, often struggle the most in a shelter setting — so Cat Town’s foster program helps them get adopted! I have X days to reach my fundraising goal, and I hope you’ll help me reach it so Cat Town can help more sweethearts find loving homes! <CAMPAIGN LINK>


Cat Town took Ziggy under their wing, and gave him a foster home where he could recover from eye surgery. With a little time, his foster mom, Julia, discovered Ziggy was a sweet and affectionate cat. and he followed her around like a shadow, asking to play and cuddle. It didn’t take long for him to get adopted to a sweet couple looking for a sensitive cat. Ziggy is thriving in his new home! I want more stories like this to come true, so I’m trying to hit my fundraising goal by May 31. Please help me get there with a donation, or by sharing this post! <CAMPAIGN LINK>

TODAY your donations to Cat Town will be doubled, up to $1,000! Please consider making a gift — you'll be saving twice the lives! <CAMPAIGN LINK>



Photos of Ziggy

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