Generally, cats who make it into adoption at a shelter are those who are relaxed enough to be easily picked up and carried, and most people interested in adopting from a shelter are looking for confident cats. Cats who are scared or stressed are very unlikely to be adopted, so the shelter is making a logical choice to not move those cats to the adoption ward. When rescue groups have room in their programs to pull cats from the shelter, they most always take young and confident cats.

If cats can’t be adopted from the shelter, and rescue groups won’t take them, there is no alternative for the shelter but to euthanize them.

The cats we help in large numbers are those that are considered “unadoptable” by many rescue organizations, because they appear in a shelter to be difficult. The magic of Cat Town is that we go out on a limb to get these cats out of cages and into a safe environment –either a foster home or our cage-free Adoption Center – where the cats can relax and show their true personalities. Our model allows the cats to thrive while waiting for a permanent home, and allows potential adopters to meet the real cat – it’s a win-win for everyone.