topaz, 1 year, female

Topaz is an adorable cat with a spunky personality! Although she may be cautious at first, she knows what she wants - she's intelligent and has quickly developed a special language with her foster! Chat with her enough and she'll come over to see you. Her foster says, "I sometimes just hold up a fist and call her name and she gives me a headbutt and the petting commences." She also loves her treats and learns quickly with a tasty snack!

When she's feeling affectionate, Topaz loves to receive pets all over. She'll headbutt your hand or circle your legs while purring to show her appreciation! Her foster writes, "Topaz's tail is shorter, only a 1/2 to a 1/3 as long as a typical cat tail. But boy does it shimmy when you scratch near it. And she will do some spins if she is super happy about it." She'll also follow you around the house when she's feeling companionable, especially when she's looking for attention.

If you're feeling like playtime, toss her a ball! She enjoys batting her toys around, and then will cutely cup the ball in one or both paws. She often has a more sedate demeanor though, and may take some time to warm up to her toys. She can get a bit overstimulated when playing or being pet and will let you know when she's had enough.

Topaz may do well in a house with dogs, but is likely best as the only cat in the house. As a cat who loves a good balance of affection and independence, she'll do just fine when left on her own.