sunny, 2 years, female

Sweet and goofy, Sunny might remind you of a silly kitten! She loves playtime and will flip, somersault, and strike strange poses that'll make you laugh! When she's not chasing her toys, she loves spending time with her people and snuggling in their laps. She'll happily follow you around the house and is very affectionate. In the morning, she'll wait until you're ready to wake up, and then snuggle up next to you. When she's looking to play or receive affection, she'll politely ask with a gentle touch and a hopeful stare. She's curious about people food, but won't beg for it. Again, she'll inquire with a gentle touch.

Sunny’s back legs are slightly weak due to a possible neurological issue. They have improved greatly since she’s been with us so we are hopeful that this will be a non-issue with time. It doesn’t prevent her from being an active normal cat! Sunny is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $75 to adopt.

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