stella, 9 years, female

Stella has “a limitless desire to be petted which comes with an impressive purr and scratchy meow,” according to her fosters. She also loves to be brushed which helps maintain her extremely soft Russian Blue fur.

Stella is smart and playful and will greet you at the door! While she’s not a lap kitty, she will gladly join you on the couch or bed and follow you around -- once she gets to know you. Up close, you’ll notice Stella has an extra toe on each paw!

Stella’s very limited vision can make her a little nervous in new situations with new people. You’ll need patience to earn her trust and to develop your own communication style. Tapping on the floor to draw her attention works and so does talking a lot to help locate her. Initially, Stella will bump into objects at home until she figures out and memorizes the layout. Then, she’ll navigate on her own. We told you she was smart!

Nothing interferes with Stella’s love of play! She is ready to pounce when a toy is moving a few inches in front of her and loves to bat around and chase her catnip-filled toys.

Stella is also independent: “At night, she puts herself to bed in her big doughnut cat bed. In the morning, if you're lounging around, she'll jump up to request breakfast and ask to be petted.”
We’d recommend an adopter with previous cat experience, patience, and a relatively calm environment (without a dog). A tidy and consistent home will also help Stella be comfortable in her space.

Stella is spayed, vaccinated, FIV and FELV negative and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $75. Please email for more information.