sophie, 5 years, female

Sophie is a cheerful, outgoing girl with a goofy streak. Her beautiful, mid-length tuxedo coat doesn’t stop her from rolling around on the ground at every opportunity, stretching and showing off her belly; she’s just not self-conscious like that. And it doesn’t slow her down when it comes to energetically chasing down a ribbon or catnip toy. She loves to play, whether it’s independently or with a human companion. And because she’s both affectionate and a great jumper, it hasn’t taken Sophie long at all to leap into her fosters’ laps.

As confident as she is, Sophie sometimes gets spooked by loud noises or sudden movements and goes running for a hiding spot. Whether it’s her nerves, or she just can’t resist the opportunity for more silly slapstick behavior, we’re not absolutely sure. But either way, she comes back out just as quickly as she fled, happy and curious and confident all over again. It seems that even though Sophie’s grown up and found her way around, she realized that life was more fun with a few kittenish antics every day. If that sounds true to you, let Cat Town introduce you, so Sophie can show you what it’s all about.

Sophie is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $50 to adopt.

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