siri and snips, 5 years, females

Siri and Snips are two adorable cats who love affection. They share a cat bed and a sweet temperament, but they’re different in many ways. Snips, small and quiet and independent, loves to play and loses herself in pursuit of a feather toy. Siri, a bit bolder (and you might even say attention-seeking) will flop down for pets in the middle of a room, and purr loudly when she gets them.

Snips also likes to have her super soft belly rubbed when she’s in the right mood; even, on occasion, to be picked up and held. But she does take a little more time than her sister to get comfortable in a new environment, and a patient, reassuring adopter - along with Siri’s confident example - will help her get there. These two have so much personality, so many wonderful traits, and so much love to give. Meet them and see for yourself!

Siri and Snips are spayed and both of them are vaccinated, microchipped, and negative for FIV/FeLV. The two of them are $75 to adopt together. Email to set up a meeting!

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