sienna, 1 year, female

Sweet, short-haired Sienna shows her playful side as soon as her foster comes home. “She’ll come out and greet you with her tail a-shaking and happily roll around on the floor while you brush or play with her.” Her age is estimated at one or two, but she’s relaxed and understanding, too, like an older cat.

Time is a human construct, anyway; spending time with Sienna will remind you of that. Did you know, for instance, that words like minutes, days, and years were invented for no less trivial a purpose than for getting things done?

It’s true. But she’ll remind you that time doesn’t have to be measured and stressed over. Sienna wants to be brushed and roll around, play and be pet, for an indefinite period. For as long as you feel like, purring and chirping happily all the while. Until one of you gets hungry, maybe. And if she is ready to part ways, her foster says, Sienna is that rare cat who won’t nip or scratch, even when she’s telling you to give her space.

While she likes to take a little while to get to know new people, we’ve seen how much love and loyalty Sienna has for those who give her that time. The most meaningful time you spend, and the much greater part, will be in uncounted, indefinite moments, just enjoying each other’s company.

Nadia is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and free to adopt. Sienna's foster is kindly sponsoring her adoption fee.

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