Calling all Artists

Cat Town’s first ever T-Shirt contest

Artwork by  Kara Kansaku

Artwork by Kara Kansaku


Do you love cats and art? Do you want to help Oakland’s most vulnerable cats, while getting your art seen? Submit your design by August 25. The T-shirt with the winning design will debut at Second Chance Soirée on October 5th.

The winner will receive

  1. 2 tickets to our Second Chance Soirée on October 5th.

  2. 2 T-shirts with the winning design, and a 15% discount on additional shirts.

  3. 10 passes to Cat Town.

  4. An article profiling the artist on Cat Town’s blog.

  5. All product descriptions and social media posts will include your name and a link to your website and/or social media handle.

  6. The T-shirt with the winning design will debut at Second Chance Soirée on October 5th, and will be sold at our Adoption Center, which receives 11,000 visitors per year. We'll also sell your shirt in our online store and at events.

    Two runner-ups will each receive 6 passes to Cat Town.


Submission Guidelines

  1. This is an open prompt — choose your own theme!

  2. Design must include the words "Cat Town" in some way, with lettering at least one inch tall.

  3. Design must be vector based using no more than 2 colors. Max. size is 10” wide x 8” high.

  4. Files must be submitted as PDF and EPS files. Please make sure to outline your text before exporting to PDF / EPS. Each color layer should be sent as a separate file, and all elements should be black on a white background. Please also send an additional mockup file indicating the final colors.

  5. Please name your files as follows: LastName_FirstName_ColorOfDesign

  6. Deadline to submit is Sunday, August 25, 11:59 PM PST. All correctly prepared files must be emailed to Please include your name, sharable social media handle, and website, if applicable.


Selection Process

  1. Cat Town staff will select up to three finalists. The finalists will be shared publicly on social media, and the winning design will be chosen by public vote.

  2. Cat Town may share any design submissions received by August 25th on social media at our discretion. If so, we will credit you and link to your website and/or social media handle.

Artwork by  Ekke!

Artwork by Ekke!

By submitting to Cat Town’s T-shirt contest, the winning artist agrees to the following usage terms:

1. The artist will own their artwork and will grant Cat Town exclusive license to use the Authored Work and derivative designs to produce merchandise (such as clothing, mugs, bags, and other household items) for sale. The Artist will retain title and ownership of the design, and derivative works will be assigned to Cat Town by the Artist.

2. Cat Town acquires the right to generate profit through the sale of products with the Artist's artwork. Unless the prior written approval of the Artist is obtained, Cat Town may not modify or change the Authored Work in any manner.


Banner image by Ekke!