Sheba, 6 years, female

Playful and curious, Sheba can find adventure wherever she is! She loves feather toys and strings, and will even play fetch with her ball! She can spend hours throwing and chasing her toys when left to her own devices. A window seat with a view of the birds outside can also provide hours of entertainment. When she's not admiring the outdoors, Sheba will explore her house. She'll look in every open door and perch herself high to investigate what's going on.

Sheba also loves being with her people! Though not a lap cat, she'll sit near her people and sleep at the foot of the bed. She enjoys being pet, and her fosters say that she's "a bit of a gremlin -- when she's being pet, she shows her prominent fangs and makes funny squeaks and grunts." Because of her dandruff, frequent combing will be a necessity. She can overstimulate with too much petting though, so her people will need to be sensitive to her body language. For an experienced cat owner, Sheba can be the perfect confident and playful cat companion!

Sheba is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, negative for FIV/FeLV, and $50 to adopt. Email to set up a meeting!

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