Cat Town will be part of the Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge, which runs from May 2-June 1, and is Cat Town’s biggest fundraiser of the year!

Hundreds of rescue/animal organizations compete in this national fundraising contest, where they keep the money they raise, and are additionally awarded grants as one of the top 5 fundraising organizations.

Last year, we raised almost $60,000, which put us in 5 th place overall, and earned us an additional $5,000 grant. Our goal is to match that this year, but the only way we could ever get there is with your help! 

During this period, we are hoping that all donations can be made through this platform, so they count toward the Challenge.

Every donation, regardless of size, contributes to our life-saving mission. Please give what you can to help deserving, adoptable cats find relief from shelter stress and put their best paws forward to potential adopters in the uplifting environment of Cat Town.

Where the money goes:

$10: Feed a cat for a week.

$25: Provide a comfy bed and toys for a cat in our foster program.

$50: Food for a month for a cat with special dietary needs.

$100: Help our cats get healthy with a vet exam and routine prescriptions.

$250: Get a cat out of the shelter! This is the average cost for a cat in our care.

$500: Save a senior cat. Most senior cats enter the shelter with chronic or untreated medical conditions and in need of dental care. We also provide ongoing support to adopters of senior cats who can provide the love but can’t afford the veterinary bills.

If you are making this donation in honor or memory of someone, please email so we can capture the details and contact information. Sorry for any inconvenience!