ruby, 10 years, female

Ruby is a sweet 10-year-old Siamese Mix, as bright and precious as her name suggests. In her time at her foster home, she’s shown that she’s very adaptable and easy-going, but not at all short on personality. She comes running and talking when a human comes home; loves sitting in laps and purrs happily the whole time; is perfectly content on her own, but clearly appreciates company.

All that, plus adorable white feet, elegant dark ears, and beautiful blue eyes make her irresistible! Ruby has so many great qualities, there’s no need for us to resort to cheap gemstone jokes. But it’s hard not to say, for example, that Ruby embodies the four C’s: cute, confident, companionable, and cuddly.

To keep her in excellent health, Ruby’s family will have to give her one easy medication for hyperthyroidism every day. And although she’s shown she can get along with other cats and even young children, we think a senior like her will appreciate having a little more peace and privacy in her long-term home - older kids and other laid-back cats would be fine.

Ruby is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $50 to adopt.

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