Find Your People

One of the golden rules for fundraising is that people give to people, but no one gives unless you ask them. The best people to ask for support are those who know you best: friends and family. After that, people who care about similar things as you (co-workers, classmates, teachers). Finally, don’t forget to ask your neighbors!

Use Every Channel You Have

  • Email - This is the most effective way to crowdfund, and should be your first approach. Sending a personal email to someone tells them you really care about Cat Town.

  • Crowdrise - Use the built-in system to update all of your donors on how you’re doing and to ask them to share your campaign for you!

  • Facebook - Lots of people this to stay in touch, so it’s a natural way to communicate with friends. Facebook Messenger is an especially effective way to put a personal touch on asking for help reaching your goal. The end of the week is usually the best time to post on Facebook, so maybe do an extra post on Thursday and Friday

  • Nextdoor - You would be surprised how many neighbors want to make a local difference in your community!

  • LinkedIn is a wonderful way to share your message with your colleagues!

  • Instagram and Twitter - Using hashtags will help get your posts seen on these social media platforms. For Twitter, posting mid-day for the best click through (ie, getting donations) but the early evening is best for retweet rates (ie, getting shares). For Instagram, the best time to post on is around lunchtime and also after work and into the evening. Instagram stories are another great way to remind people about where you are in your campaign.

Focus on Quality AND Quantity

Email weekly, and post once or twice daily to social media, but don’t make every message a request for support! Your goal is to remind your audience of why they should support your campaign, so that the next time you ask (about once a week), they’re more likely to help! And the more personal you can make your message, the better. Use people’s names and add details that matter to them specifically, like memories you share or even the name of their pets.


Share Your Progress

Once a week, let people know how your campaign is doing. When you hit 80% of your goal, let EVERYONE know. People like to be on a winning team, and 80% is close enough to success that anyone who was on the fence will now give, and some people who gave once may even give again to ensure you meet your goal.

Thank Fast, Thank Sincerely

Thank everyone who gives as soon as you can — ideally within 24 hours of their donation. Thank them so nicely that they’ll want to share your campaign for you (examples in our Help Thanking section. One of the best ways to do that is by thanking your donors on social media. They'll appreciate the recognition, and so will their friends — who will hopefully be inspired to give themselves. But don't forget, anonymous donors should stay that way!