mr. seven, 14 years, male

Polydactyly Mister Seven is a clean cut dapper cat. With a beautiful gleaming coat, he appreciates being told just how wonderful he is. His favorite activities are grooming, pets, and chin scratches. His heart is even bigger than his paws as he loves attention and sleeping next to his person.

Mister Seven is self-sufficient enough that he’s happy to play solo or with a person, hang out together or steal that sun spot alone. He does have a habit of calling his person when it’s bedtime, especially on cold nights so he can snuggle under the covers for warmth. He’s also partial to wet food and taking lots of naps.

If you have some cat experience and and love quirky cuties, Mister Seven is the cat for you!

He’s neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, negative for FIV/FeLV, and $75 to adopt. If you’d like to meet Mr. Seven, email