MINI, 7-10 years, female

Beautiful Mini is a not-so-small tabby with a big heart to match. She's a friendly companion with a calm, laid-back attitude of confidence. As her fosters put it, "she's an experienced house cat who wants a little love, and then just to hang out by your side." She adores being close to her humans and will purr up a storm anytime she's near them. Mini also shows her affection by grooming her people as she's being pet, greeting them at the door, and by rubbing against their legs. Along with the abundance of love she has for people, Mini is also comfortably independent and takes a relaxed approach to life.

She's got a bit of a playful streak and will engage in games with you. Don't expect her to go to great lengths to catch her prey, though! Catnip is a huge hit with her, and she enjoys nibbling on edible plants. Climbing and scratching are less of her thing - she’ll opt for a couch cushion over a window perch. Although she’s a huge fan of people, Mini does want to be the only cat in her home. For someone looking for a single feline friend, Mini might just be the perfect chill cat with a dash of playfulness. All she wants is a bit of love from her people and a comfortable place to call home!

Mini is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $50 to adopt.

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