michaelena, 14 years, female

Michaelena is a soft, sweet senior tortie with a soft, sweet voice to match. Mike (as she’s called) takes lap cat to another level, loving to be held close and even carried around while purring steadily under your arm. At 14 years old, she’s still healthy, attentive, and playful, but she also has the benefits of her experience - she’s very relaxed and knows what she likes, which would make her a great companion for first-time adopters.

We’ve found that senior cats are extra appreciative of good company, and this is especially true for Michaelena. Her way with people is warm, and patient but always fully engaged. She won’t actually talk politics or 20th century history, or defeat you, shrewdly and soundly, in a game of cribbage, but that’s sort of what it feels like; spending time with Mike feels reassuring, enlivening, and even educational. She will need to be an indoor-only cat because she was previously front declawed, but that’s just fine with her. Though there’s only one of this beautiful girl, and she’s only looking for one home, the truth is that we’d all benefit from the kind of friendship and quality time that she has to offer.

Mike will have to be an indoor-only cat because she was previously front declawed, but she’s very happy indoors. She is also spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $50 to adopt. Interested in adopting, fostering or have more questions? E­mail info@cattownoakland.org.