you can help the shelter's most at-risk cats

Cat Town's mission is to transform the approach to saving shelter cats, reducing euthanasia nationwide. Our focus is to find great homes for cats who are considered unadoptable in the traditional rescue model.

Your support helps us give sick, senior, shy and stressed cats a second chance at life!

While most rescue organizations support their local shelter by focusing on confident cats who are easily adopted, Cat Town focuses on the elderly, stressed, and sick or injured cats who would otherwise be killed. These cats often respond to shelter cages with fear or aggression, making it challenging to see their real personalities. Cat Town places them into our free-roaming Adoption Center, private Cat Town Studios, or one of our loving foster homes, where they can be themselves.

We also provide specialized support for cats with more complex needs. With our Forgotten Kitten Project, trained volunteers help 3 to 9-month old kittens — who are largely considered too old to be socialized — build trust at their own pace so they can get adopted. Our In It for Life Fund pays the medical bills for senior cats, including all of their future medical bills, to remove cost as a barrier for prospective adopters. Cat Town’s Emergency Care Fund helps shelter cats who are contagious or in critical condition, addressing  treatable illness and injury for cats in need when our shelter lacks the necessary resources.

The Cat Town model proves these cats are highly adoptable, and has helped reduce the euthanasia rate at Oakland Animal Services, Oakland’s municipal shelter, by 70% since 2011.

If you're interested in making a transformative gift, please consider sponsoring one of our Studios at the Cat Town Adoption Center, or supporting our new legacy mural. These opportunities make an incredible impact on our ability to save vulnerable cats with nowhere else to turn, but availability is limited.

You can also purchase tickets to our fall event, Second Chance Soirée, and help give every shelter cat in need the second chance they deserve.

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