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You can help the shelter's most at-risk cats


Your donations will support the cats and kittens who most need intervention at the shelter but are often the least likely to receive it — because typically, rescue organizations believe them to be beyond helping. Cat Town was established to save the elderly, stressed, sick, and injured shelter cats facing euthanasia. In focusing on these overlooked animals, we’ve helped reduce the euthanasia rate at Oakland Animal Services, Oakland’s municipal shelter, by more than 70% since 2011.

Our mission is to transform the standard approach to saving shelter cats, and reduce euthanasia nationwide. Your donations make this work possible!

If you're interested in making a transformative gift, please consider sponsoring one of our Studios at the Cat Town Adoption Center, or supporting our new legacy mural. These opportunities make an incredible impact on our ability to save vulnerable cats with nowhere else to turn, but availability is limited.

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