leila and addie, 9 years, females

Leila and Addie are like fraternal twins; they look pretty similar but can be easily distinguished by their personalities. 

Leila is a bit more outgoing, while Addie prefers to keep to herself. Leila will be the first to greet you, while Addie waits for her sister to determine the situation. Leila is very curious and jumps to high places — she's also a big fan of rolling around on her back, receiving back scratches, and a good, warm lap. Addie sounds like a bird chirping when she meows and adores spending her day cuddling up with Leila. 

Adopting both of these friendly, low-maintenance cats will transform your house into a home full of love and furry friendship.

Leila and Addie are spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and $100 to adopt as a pair. Interested in adopting, fostering or have more questions? E­mail info@cattownoakland.org