JAKE, 2 years, male

We’re getting a workout with Jake, a goofy, adorable 2-year-old tabby/Maine coon mix who loves to hug and hang on his humans. Just think, what home exercise wouldn’t be improved by an extra 10 pounds of fluffy weight? What book or board game, even? With soft grey fur and tufts on his cheeks and ears, Jake’s almost uncannily koala-like when he’s blissed out and hanging around his foster’s neck. It’s very sweet to see, and even sweeter to be a part of.

If you can’t commit to a “koala cuddle,” as Jake’s foster calls it, it’s no problem - he’ll just be happy to be around you, relaxing in your lap or nearby, absorbing sunshine or playing with a toy. Jake’s just easy-going; he has lots of love to give, but doesn’t need many things in return. We think he’ll do best if he’s the only cat in the house, and he will be cautious around new people at first. But Jake obviously gets quite confident (and cozy!) once he’s had a little time, and could be a beloved cuddly friend for kids, as well.

If you think you’ve got the right habitat for the Bay’s only native koala, let us know at info@cattownoakland.org! Jake is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, negative for FeLV/FIV, and $50 to adopt.